Sticky Rice Northern Thai Cuisine

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Sticky Rice's Specials
Pad Kana Moo Krob
Thai famous Chinese broccoli stir fried with crispy pork in oyster sauce.
Thai style steamed buns. Choices: BBQ Pork, Basil Pork (Medium spicy), Panang Beef.
Vegetarian Dish
Mock Duck in Mushroom Sauce
Tom Yum Okra
Famous Thai hot and sour soup cooked with Okra.
Yum Banana Blossom
Banana blossom, chicken, shrimp, coconut milk, onion and cilantro mixed with shrimp chili paste.
Bamee Dry with BBQ Pork
Egg noodle in a clear broth soup topped with bean sprouts and BBQ pork.
Thai Curry Dish
Green Curry with Tilapia
Steamed Tilapia topped with green curry, coconut milk, eggplant, bamboo shoot, bell peppers and basil.
Thai Northern Dish
Northern Tray
Assorted of famous Thai northern food in one tray.
Thai Fried Rice
Basil Fried Rice with Mussel
Thai Dish
Pad Prik Khing Catfish
Fried catfish stir fried with prik-khing chili paste and string beans.
Over Rice
Garlic Over Rice with Fried Egg
Thai Dessert
Khao Neaw Ma-Muang
Sweet sticky rice with mango
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